Head Boy & Head Girl



Head Boy

Hello my name is Ben and I am Head Boy at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Hednesford. I love it here!

As Head Boy I have a lot of responsibilities such as: - welcoming the new reception parents and, showing visitors around the school. Me and Chloe, our Head Girl work with the School governors to make St Joseph’s even better. It is a big responsibility making decisions, but I can do it if I work hard!

Head Girl

Hi my name is Chloe W and I’m Head Girl at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Hednesford.


This is an amazing school. As Head Girl my job is to welcome new Reception parents, myself and the Head Boy work with the Chair of Governors too.


Also we show visitors around school and help the Head Teacher to make important decisions. I love this school because they have helped me in a lot of ways, I couldn’t be more thankful.