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At St Joseph’s primary School we aim to deliver a high-quality Geography curriculum, which inspires children’s curiosity and fascination about the world and its people. We intend to equip children with knowledge and skills that will remain with them for the rest of their lives. Geography, by nature, is an investigative subject. Teachers use creative, collaborative and discussion-based approaches to bring Geography alive and give children the opportunity to explore new learning themselves. In order to retain new skills, children frequently engage in practical activities in and beyond the classroom. Children investigate a range of places (both in the UK and the wider world) to develop their knowledge of the Earth’s human and physical processes.

Pupils will gain an understanding of our local area, Britain and other countries that make up the world. Teaching will also provide pupils with opportunities to compare and contrast geographical regions and understand natural phenomena. By learning about the Geography of the world, pupils will be able to broaden their geographical vocabulary and concept of the land and waters that make up our world.

We also intend for children to become confident using key geographical skills across a range of contexts. Children will have the opportunity to collect and analyse data, interpret sources of geographical information (maps, globes, digital mapping etc) and to communicate geographical knowledge in a variety of ways. Our aim is to ignite a passion for learning about the world they live in, both locally and worldwide and to understand the impact that humans have on the world. We seek to deepen the children’s understanding by encouraging them to ask and answer questions about the world and provide them with the skills needed to become independent and competent geographers.


 Our carefully designed curriculum is based on the National Curriculum and Chris Quigley's Curriculum Companions, to ensure our planning shows clear progression and sequence. Progression in skills and knowledge are clearly outlined in our Geography progression maps. We are passionate about developing knowledge, understanding and skills through children being outside and enjoying the Geography around them. Teachers are encouraged to consider opportunities available to use the school grounds and the local area for fieldwork. Whenever possible we focus our Geography work within the immediate area, looking into the locality and Geography within a close proximity to the school to give Geography a real meaning to the children. From this, we can expand further afield within the continent of Europe and the rest of the world to allow the children to compare and contrast many varying places. We select areas of study in a purposeful way, ensuring that the identified skills and knowledge are being broadened and embedded within our teaching.

Educational visits are also encouraged to enable children to gain real-life experiences and apply skills practically. Where appropriate, we make cross-curricular links so that learning is repeated in several contexts and children are given opportunities to recall knowledge and skills, strengthening their long-term memory. In order to plan for repetition and building of prior knowledge, teachers are expected to know what has been taught previously as well as having a secure understanding of what needs to be taught.

Subject co-ordinators are given regular time to ensure resources are kept up to date, to monitor subject across the school, create action plans and to provide subject feedback to SLT as appropriate.

The key areas of assessment within Geography are; Investigate places, Investigate patterns and communicate geographically which link with the National Curriculum.


Our Geography curriculum is planned to demonstrate clear progression. Children will develop an enjoyment for the subject and the geographical knowledge and skills to enable them to explore, navigate and understand the world around them.

Engaging lessons will shape inquisitive learners who aspire to research and explore new learning further as well as developing geographical vocabulary. This will be evident through pupil voice, where children will confidently be able to talk about the skills and knowledge they have acquired. Not only will children be equipped with the knowledge, skills and understanding set out in the Primary National Curriculum, they will be prepared to become competent geographers in secondary education and as an adult living in the wider world.


Geography Curriculum

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Geography Knowledge and Skills Progression Maps

St Joseph's World Map - People and Places covered through our Geography Curriculum

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