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Writing across our school

Writing across our school

A whole-school approach

At St Joseph's, we believe that children need to be exposed to high-quality texts in order to compose high-quality writing outcomes. In order for a child to become an independent writer, they must be immersed in 'What A Good One Looks Like'. This will allow them to become familiar with the structure, content and skills needed for their outcome to be successful. We believe that grammar and punctuation should be taught in context to the text type and should lead to the children embedding skills across the progression through the primary years. 

Our writing lessons across the school follow this writing progression cycle:

  • Being inspired to write
  • Gathering the skills and content to be able to write
  • Creating a success criteria to write
  • Being supported to write/writing the desired outcome


We have recognised that previously taught spelling, punctuation and grammar needs to be revisited in order to become part of our children's long term memory. This will allow them to apply their knowledge more confidently and independently.

Writing Non-negotiables (Whole school)



Long Term Plans

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6



We expect, encourage and model joined legible handwriting to ensure children present their work neatly and with a sense of pride. Handwriting and fine motor skills are taught throughout the school in line with our English policy.


We follow the Read, Write, Inc. scheme for handwriting. Reception and KS1 children take part in a 5-10 minute handwriting session each day. The children are encouraged to use a good handwriting position.

There are three handwriting stages.


Stage 1

These lessons are taught while the children read the Red, Green, Purple, Pink and orange Storybooks.

a) Children practise correct letter formation.

b) Children learn where to place the letters on the writing line.


Stage 2

These lessons are taught while children read the Yellow, Blue and Grey story books. The children learn a mature style of writing that will lead to joined-up writing.


Stage 3

These lessons are also taught while children read the Yellow, Blue and Grey storybooks. Children learn the two basic joins: the arm join (diagonal) and the washing line join (horizontal) and the two variables for each join.


In KS2, teachers provide opportunities to practise and improve handwriting and encourage pupils to develop a fluent legible style.


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